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Why Choose Concrete Mixer Pump

Main Characters of Concrete Mixer pump

1.       Employ Mitsubishi, Siemens, Omron, Schneider electric elements, protection programs, integrated controls, minimum malfunction

2.       ø100x800mm hydraulic oil cylinder and ø200x800mm big diameter concrete pumping cylinder, excellent suction, powerful pumping, easy even 40mm aggregates.

3.       Hydraulic jack type legs can be provided, at buyer`s option, easier operation, higher efficiency

4.     JZC450 drum mixer made with 8mm thick steel plate, reliable and durable. Two motor drive with rubber friction wheels support, make mixing efficiency higher.

(or equipped with JS500 horizontal twin shaft forcible mixer )

5.     KAWASAKI  hydraulic oil pump, stable, powerful

6.     Concrete conveying by pipe line, pumping long distance and high height, efficient, safe, easy and economical


Advantages of the Concrete Mixer Pump

1.    Concrete mixer and pump integrated in one unit, operation easy and simple; It can be towed by tractor or truck, very flexible shifting from site to site; Running stable and performance excellent; Fully automatic operation, high efficiency.

2.   Long distance/high height concrete pumping (according to concrete class and aggregates size, the height can reach 30 to 100m, distance can be 120 to 400m). It is widely used in construction of residential building, dam, road and foundation, etc.

3.   Concrete conveying via pipe, replace dumper and barrow, prevent the slab formwork from damaged.

4.   Concrete pouring efficiency is high, the machine can mix and pump concrete 10~16m3/h.

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